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Mau Mau

You are scared, Black America. Not me. I am a fearless warlord bent on the overthrow of all of my enemies. I will take absolutely no prisoners. This warning goes for all who transgress my will, including the Black man who is loyal to my enemies. I write this to you in plain English. Take heed!

I am the Mau Mau. I am a nation within my own self. My borders are universal. I defend my borders to the death and I will not die. I impose strict tariffs on foreign exchanges. I set rigid embargoes on transgressive aliens. I do not invite the merchant from outside of my own market. He and his children are not welcome to satellite just beyond my horizons. This is no empire or kingdom. This is the law of the universe. Anyone who does not obey will be struck down and so will their descendants. There is no economy without my own permission.

My market only adheres to the Mau Mau codes. Mau Mau markets only. That means no products in or out that are not products of Mau Mau. The penalty for not observing this simple code is annihilation.

The border of Mau Mau is unlimited. Wherever there is Mau Mau there is Mau Mau law. This simple understanding will not be misunderstood by anyone, or else face extermination.

Tariffs in excess are imposed on all foreigners. These levies must be paid and all tolls must be garnished by the rule of Mau Mau. Any deviation of this directive will result in execution.

An embargo on all products alien to Mau Mau is predetermined by Mau Mau law. There is no inspection and only an exclusion of all alien products. Any breach of this statute is subject to the policy of immediate eradication.

I am Mau Mau and this is my eternal will.

“In my opinion, not only in Mississippi and Alabama, but even right here in New York City you and I can best learn how to get real freedom by studying how Kenyatta brought it to his people in Kenya, and how Odinga helped him, and the excellent job that was done by the Mau Mau Freedom Fighters. In fact, that’s what we need in Mississippi… In Mississippi we need a Mau Mau. In Alabama we need a Mau Mau. In Georgia we need a Mau Mau. Right here in Harlem in New York City we need a Mau Mau.” – Malcolm X



A Message Concerning The White Rapper

Now is the time for the Black nation to hold all of its guests, welcomed and unwelcome, to be accountable for their tribute to the Black nation. The white rapper has been allowed to enter within the borders of the Black nation, whether escorted or granted access, and has often gained much success from the commodity of the Black culture. The white rapper has time and time again used the Black culture to take from the Black market and resale their derived version of the Black culture to other markets. Meanwhile, the Black rapper watches as their own access to those same markets are limited to less than that of the white rapper. The white rapper has yet to offer their own contribution to the Black nation for the escorted and granted access into the Black culture and their gainful success from it. It is time for the Black nation to demand the white rapper prove to the Black nation they are worthy for further acceptance. Otherwise, the Black nation must disassociate itself with the white rapper and consider them an invader, an exploiter, and a thief.

Hip Hop and Rap music is a Black form of art. It is not a white form of art. Most people will agree, and anyone who does not agree is trying to fool their own self. Black people can and do sell Hip Hop and Rap music, and are successful at doing it. That is not an issue. Black artists do not have a problem independently entering the industrial markets of the music world and selling their recordings and performances for a profit. There are plenty of past and current examples of Black individuals who successfully exchange their products in multiple arenas of the entertainment industry. The Black nation supports these artists, whether someone believes it or not, the same way it always has and that is mainly through validation. Unfortunately, many people believe that Black people do not make up a significant amount of the consumer record sales and that it is pointless to cater to the Black demographic if you want to sell music, or entertainment as a whole. That is a lie. Black people are a large portion of the consumer body worldwide and make up a great amount of consumer record sales, when it is valid to do so. The Black consumer, however excessive to some or perceivably invaluable to others, is not a foolish consumer. It is time for the Black nation to openly reject these lies and rid itself of those who exploit its markets.

The Black market is the essence of Hip Hop and Rap. Hip Hop and Rap is a product of the Black market. The lyrics and the instrumentals are all forms and developments of Black market intricacies, and more importantly, Black culture. You cannot use Hip Hop and Rap as a product without using Black culture and the Black market. In many ways, Black culture and Hip Hop as well as Rap and the Black market are all one in the same. So it does not make economical sense to the Black nation for someone who is not a direct and natural product of these entities to take from them, amass wealth from them, then show no evidence of redistributing any wealth directly back to them. It is time for the Black nation to point out all perpetrators who delve in these acts of piracy, and even those who commit treason to allow it. Point them out and demand they submit to retribution. Otherwise, the Black nation should no longer accept them as a representative of Black culture. They must be invalidated.

The Black people who have escorted and granted the white rapper access should be the first within the Black nation to demand they redistribute their gains back to the Black nation from which it came. Their products are a product of the Black nation, and those products represent and redefine the solace in despair and poverty of the Black nation. The sale of the deprived image given to them by the Black nation is one they do not own themselves, and the mask they wear is a Black face painted white. They do what the Black rapper does and instead of being called coon they are called edgy. They do what the Black rapper does and instead of being called a whore they are called seductive. They do what the Black rapper does and instead of being called nasty they are called racy. They do what the Black rapper does and instead of being called racist they are called political. They do what the Black rapper does and instead of being called ignorant, they in fact are called genius. They cannot do all of this without prior access and validation by the Black nation, because it would not make sense or be accepted by other markets if this were not the case. No one in any market enjoys spending their money on a product which is not certified as authentic. It is time the Black nation pressure the white rapper to show their hand in the uplifting of the Black nation. The Black nation must see this now, otherwise it must close the doors on these cheapskates and hoodwinks.

The Black nation must now see those who enter within its border act according to the uplifting and development of the global Black nation. The Black nation must demand these characters and actors redistribute back into it from their own disproportionate wealth gained from the used and abused culture of the Black nation. It is not the Chinese, Japanese or Asian culture from which the white rapper is imitating. It is not the Arab or Jewish culture from which the white rapper is imitating. It is not the Latin or South American nations from which the white rapper is imitating. Most of all, it is not their own European culture from which the white rapper is imitating. It is the Black nation from which the white rapper is imitating. The Black nation owes it to itself to demand the unpaid arrears the white rapper owes it for their ongoing campaign to seek Black validation in self serving entertainment endeavors which do nothing to benefit the Black nation. By not benefitting the Black nation, these white rappers’ allowed and self aggrandized neglect toward their agency to the Black nation does more to degrade the Black nation than it does to build the image of the white rapper. The Black nation must recognize this as evidence it has to set an embargo on fraudulence and begin to demand and reap these too often and long squandered earnings which leave its market and never return.

It is time, Black nation.


I Don’t Work


“Hey Albert? I see you’re home. The toaster’s workin. The oven’s workin. Why you not workin?” – Albert Sr.

What is it about working that seems so detestable? Why is work so despicable? My brothers, our sisters are working. Why don’t we believe we should work?

We must want to be broken. If we don’t work then we can only be broke. The opposite of working is broken. We must fix ourselves.

Who are we that we are so above working? Or are we beneath working? Is it not cool to be working? Well then I don’t want to be cool. I wanna be warm if working isn’t cool. Warm sounds fine.

You said, “I don’t work.” I heard you my brother. I listened to what you said to me. Did you hear yourself? Did you listen to what you said to me? You said you don’t work. You left something out at the end.

You forgot to mention that you’re broke.

Who fixes you? If you don’t work and you manage to live throughout each day with food clothing and shelter then someone must be fixing you. Everyday someone works to fix you.

One day they won’t want to fix you my brother. You will either have to work and fix yourself, or die broken.

You should work Black man. Men should work. If men don’t work then how will everyone survive? You’re a man, right?

Should Americans Leave America Now?


With all the doomsday theories still worth their while, it continues to make me wonder, “is now the time for me to make a move out of America for good?”

I can’t be the only one that feels this way right now. I actually know that I’m not. The fear of an ending economy and government incompetence has to make any American feel insecure about their living in this country.

The idea of moving to another country is not an outlandish thought nowadays. It’s far more simple than it was even a decade ago. With the addition of social networks, online banking, and the ever-present mobile device phenomena, most people can make global and international transactions and travel plans in 30 minutes or less.

The question of going abroad is easier to make. The question of moving to another country to live is still enchanting, and I believe has a bit more time to develop as an easy decision. Regarding that moving to start a new life anywhere isn’t easy.

Why leave America though? Well, money, safety, and posterity would be my main factors. American economy is surely waning. With uncanny natural disasters in peculiar parts of the country, terrorism threats, and more adversary from prospects like China’s up and coming defense, a family’s future in America is of concern.

Then there’s the one remaining question. To where? I believe the western hemisphere still has plenty to offer. The caribbean is usually an American’s vacation go to choice, so to move there would not be far off. But in terms of economic benefits, to go where your dollar still has bang is what I think is the best choice.

Since the dollar is losing to the British pound, the Euro, and the Australian dollar, that leaves you with the rest of the world! It seems like the dollar still reigns regal for the most part. Countries like Singapore, Brazil, and South Africa can compare lifestyle wise and still offer you a good cash in for your filthy American dollar.

I don’t think moving to another country answers all the issues boggling our minds about the current state of America. The question still remains, and the accessibility is far more feasible than before. Why not figure your own American escape route? Seeing the world is always beneficial. I would move if the opportunity was ripe.

Home Equity Hydroplaning

Number of ‘underwater’ homes declines slightly

Something is way better than nothing, but mad homeowners are definitely not outta the woods. The home equity market is showing signs of a little recovery from what was the worst subprime catastrophe ever. The reason being, banks are getting a few of those foreclosures back on the market.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the perfect time to buy a home, it just means a few people are taking advantage of someone’s loss. The dark days are still apparent in states like Nevada, Arizona, and California, where in some neighborhoods about 80% of homeowners owe more than their property’s value.

Who really knows when it’ll be safe to buy a home for middle-income Americans again. An even more specific question is where will it be safe? For the time being, the leasing market is the best option for a tight budgeted American economy.

Ride That Hoopty ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off


Yesterday after hanging out, a friend of mine was talking about her hoopty Nissan Pulsar. I forgot the name she gave her car, but she kept referring to it as a he. He was her mom’s first car, and he means a lot. Old hoopties tend to have that effect on their owners.

She said her initial plan was to ride him until his wheels fell off (pause if applicable). Now she’s saying, “I’m not a hoopty kinda girl.” The statement was under the circumstances that she were to leave the city of New York with the hoopty; very understandable. New York is the hoopty capitol.

Anyone living in NYC should have not a care in the world the appearance of their car, so long as it’s running right. Now, leaving the city in that shit bucket is always questionable. In New York, stranded is nonexistent & public transit is always plan A. Out in the boondocks is different, and it’s not hoopty friendly.

Aside from all that, the average New Yorker should have no problem sputtering through the city in a lemon. Mechanics are always a block away, and parking that junker is never an issue. Plus losing it to tow services and parking enforcement will only be a blessing.

On the flip side, luxury vehicles in NYC are a no-no, unless you have private parking everywhere you go. Besides, hoopties can run anywhere from $500 to $2500. You can’t beat the savings, and the convenience of a clunker in NYC. Forget pride and style, you definitely won’t stand out in NYC traffic in a hoopty. If you gotta drive outta the city, renting a car is always an option.