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Bronx Stabbing Aids Gentrification

Right now the thing that’s most on my mind is the brutal murder of a Dominican teenager in the Bronx this past Wednesday. I’ve been talking about it with friends and family all weekend. I tried to stay away from the story as long as possible, because the video was viral and I knew it was very violent. I finally could not avoid the video any longer, because it eventually showed up on my Facebook timeline. Over a period of a few days the story became more and more clear, and people began to get answers. The main issue with the story was that the victim was a case of mistaken identity. The gang that runs uptown New York were apologetic about the fact they killed the wrong child. I’m not so much vested In the actual crime as much as the outcome of it.

I have a perspective from a socioeconomic sense. I see this as a cause for the NYPD and the corporate real estate structure in New York City. From what I know, this will be sensationalized enough to give the NYPD a reason to round up the male population in the Bronx. With the removal of part of a specific population, there will be upheaval in a lot of households. This particular course of events will lead to a lot of changing of the image In that neighborhood. Ultimately what will happen is real estate will be even more assessable to the vulturous capitalist real estate developers. They see this as a perfect opportunity. The political sensation of the murder of this child by such a brutal gang will allow for enforcement to come in in larger numbers. They will be able to get overtime to feed their children, as well as have the adrenaline rush they are looking for as law-enforcement officials. This will be backed by those who intend to take over the real estate in the Bronx area.

The state of New York has already commissioned billions of dollars for revitalization and urban renewal projects in the area. I’m speaking from experience when I say the brokerage that I left three years ago was urging agents to start showing apartments in the Bronx. The idea that the Bronx is the low income bearing borough in uptown New York, gives all the reason for people who feel they are late in the uptown real estate boom to make an effort to get involved in the changing of the Bronx now. In 2014 there was a huge round up in the Soundview projects area. This was based on gang racketeering charges that had been placed on a lot of low income housing facilities throughout the United States, particularly in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. This ultimately lead to the removal of a lot of the male population, particularly the youth teenagers and early to mid 20s, from these areas. This is a very easy way to change over the image of a neighborhood. The reason is because, in these particular neighborhoods, the male population is often unemployed and they tend to be out and about.

When property values are assessed, unfortunately there is a racist bias around the image of any particular residential area. If assessors are driving around or walking around and feel threatened, there is always a case to make that the property value is low because the desirability is low. This is easy to see because when houses go for sale in predominantly black neighborhoods they usually sell slower than those in predominately white neighborhoods. This adds to the reason why an assessor would say these properties are less expensive or valued lower, because of demand. Things tend to change when the crime statistics are adjusted. You can see this now in a lot of inner cities. The crime statistics are aligned with the property value statistics.

The crime statistics are another question. We tend to believe that crime is something that is just a part of society, but consider that crime is not a widespread phenomenon in any particular area of our society. Crime tends to concentrate in pockets of particular areas in a society. This is because crime is a controlled phenomenon. The idea of crime is a controlled idea. A crime is only established based on laws put in place by people, so that means that a crime can only be committed if it’s recognized as a crime. In short, criminals are created, not born.

When you look at what’s going on in uptown Manhattan and the South Bronx it is clear that crime is being manipulated. If you look at you’ll see that there is a map that displays the crime statistics in any area in the United States. The map uses the green to red color range with yellow being the moderate, red being the extreme, green being the least amount of crime. This map and its colors are easy signals for a person looking for property to tell whether or not crime is high or low in a desired area. People can view this from different lenses. A developer may not look at these crime statistics the same way that a homebuyer would look at them. A developer may see a high crime area as a good place to look for low value property. A homebuyer, on the other hand, would see that as a place they would not want to live. It’s very important to pay attention to the developer’s perception of crime statistics when in regard to what happened this past Wednesday. This developer, depending on how large his or her pockets are, can determine whether or not that particular incident was sensational enough to use in his or her favor in order to bolster a campaign to make head long NYPD fire and fury to rush into the neighborhood to beat crime. This will be backed by the taxpayer, because the taxpayer feels fear from the criminal element.

There are four parties, as I have kind of given clue to, at play in this event. The first party is the taxpayer and the taxpayer’s dependents. The second player would be the criminal element and its fear influences. The third element would be the police and the policy enforcers. The fourth and final element would be the corporate structured real estate developers and financers. It is very simple to see the hierarchy based on how I’ve presented them, the tax payer being the most vulnerable to all other parties, and the corporate real estate structure having the most control over all parties. The crime element is in itself a controlled, stabilized, and manipulated aspect of the group. They and their fear element is used to manipulate the demographic of any particular area of a society. The corporate structure can stand back and watch, and play on the media to their advantage. This is not new. The reverse happened in the 60s.

During the 1960s there was a phenomenon called blockbusting. What blockbusting was to the white neighborhood is what gentrification is to the black neighborhood. The developers would scare white people into believing that the neighborhood was being overrun by new black residents. This would cause the property value to plummet, and the developers and brokers would earn money based on making white people move out quicker. This was simply a way to get fast money, knowing that they would sell homes faster and earn money on the commissions from the sales. It was very cheap, but it added to the suburb complex surrounding major cities in the United States. It was easier to tell people to move to the suburbs because they had to run from the Niggers. They had to run from the Niggers, because the Niggers were criminals.


My Son

I love you. You are the world to me. One day you will read this. I hope you understand everything I write here. I am not a perfect man, but you are my perfect creation. You are the shining light of my life. Everything here is for you. You will lead a nation and they will believe in you. I believe in you. When I think about you when we are not with each other my heart stutters. You mean so much to me. I cannot imagine what I would be like if you were not near and I could not touch your face. Your smile makes me feel better. Your laugh makes all my problems go away. Your smell uplifts my mood. Your touch makes me forget my pains. I shed tears of joy when I think of how sweet a person you are. Your innocence demands my protection. I will do anything to keep you safe. No matter what it takes, I will be there for you. I love you so much, my son. 


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Flipping The Script

People who flip the script on you are nothing but people who have not even read the script. They do not even know how the story begins or ends. They see you have either read the script, or are further along than they are, and they want to see what it is you know. So they turn it over. They turn the pages around so they can read it and you cannot. They want to read it to you. Let you hear it from their mouth, instead of you reading it on your own. That is how they fool you. That is how they truly flip the script. You have to reread the script yourself after they have messed it all up, and added things that are not in there from the beginning. That is what flipping the script means. 

Do not let anyone take the script from you. Have an extra copy for yourself if you have to. Read the entire script from beginning to end. Do not skip a word. Read it more than once if you did not comprehend it the first time. If you do not have an original copy, then get you one. Keep one around for reference. Be able to recite important lines from the script for yourself. Interpret the script to understand it the way it was intended to be understood. Never flip the script. 


Black Predictability 

1968 was by far the most confusing year in American history for white people. It was the year that for the first time in modern and western history, white people had become openly defenseless, fearful, nervous, and simply scared of Black people. Almost fifty years later and absolutely nothing has changed about the dynamics of white people’s overall perceptions of Black people. The only thing that has evolved is white people’s willingness to admit to their fear of Black people, and yet most still will not.

The late nineteen sixties and mid seventies was a time when white people had for once consciously and subconsciously considered Black people as unpredictable. Before then, it was a fairly simple assessment to place Black people into an easily contained afterthought compartment within the consciousness of white people. The main factor in this mentality was the prevailing apparatus of Black people’s fear driven by racism and discriminatory brutality against Black people for centuries. The tides had abruptly changed when in the late sixties, Black people had become more willing to express their rights and fight for them. The new atmosphere of conflicting views and color lines brought about a riddling society which created an air of uncertainty. 

With the advent of color television, live newscasts, yet less sophistication in media censorship, the entire world was able to see the reality of American racism. It was then without a doubt and apparent that the leader of the so called free world was a complete hipocracy and unable to be trusted as a government elite in the global stratosphere. It was time for America to clean up the act. The late seventies ushered in a new sense of codes in conduct, particularly in the realm of politics. With the new generations of unpredictable Blacks who could now wage what white people believed to be street wars and fight for their rights, it was time that white people learn new ways to predict the movements and cultural advancements of Black people.

The nineteen eighties showed white politicians were very swift with a solution and quite timely to the disadvantage of Black people. While the country and even the world began to fully enjoy the benefits of illicit drugs openly and freely, American politicians saw an opportunity to place well written codes onto Black people without appearing to be racist bigots. The stage was set to put the entire Black population back into a state of fear and predictability. The introduction of the War on Drugs and its prime asset called crack created a new paradigm in the ways white people could conceptualize and legitimize their fears, and ultimately their racist sense of predictability of Black people. This destructive and neglectful thinking of white Americans allowed for laws to authorize unjust and wrongful imprisonments, and countless murders by police of unarmed and innocent Black people.  

No matter how much the facts are present and the truth is in front of everyone’s face, law enforcement’s sole purpose has ultimately been in place to keep minorities in America controlled and contained, yet no authorities or officials will admit this. The most hated minority to law enforcement in America has always overwhelmingly been Black people. By the late 20th century, when it was no longer acceptable to blame the problems of American society on Black people outright, politicians simply replaced Black with crime. It was a very simple transition which to this very moment is still causing turmoil among America’s Black communities with no end in sight. 

Unless the observable truth is heeded and its unmistakable injustices are ceased then the inevitable yet avoidable reality is soon to come. The day when Black people will again be unpredictable to white people. 


Utility of Man

A man reincarnate through the creation of his children will evoke a specific distaste for his now divided body. He has created a second him and that new him is more precious than him. He is now a tool. He is no longer a magnificent vessel. It is his duty to formulate and neccesitate his utility. Without ingenuity, he is useless.

A woman will not seek utility where it does not appear. Her longing for the body of the man will subside with the division of it and creation of a child. She is no longer intrigued by his undivided body. It has for once served its natural purpose. The new part of him embodied in her reincarnate of them is more precious, and the body incasing the soul of the child is now the adornment of her concious motives. She is now complete and useful.

A man with ingenuity will make himself useful. He will observe he is no longer a spectacle within the nativity apparatus and will divide his motivated attention. His new destiny is filled with the will to accommodate and secure time and space. The ingenious man divided and reincarnate is no longer a unit of ambiguity. He is certain and defined. He is not formless in philosophy. He is rigid in principle. He is useful.


God Is A Black Man

The Black man is God’s greatest creation. God is the Black man’s greatest creation. 

100,000 years ago there was no man but the Black man. There was no God but the Black God.

The only salvation of a soul is the salvation of a Black soul.

The Black man is God’s first enemy. God is the Black man’s first enemy.

There is no light without darkness. There will always be darkness.  

Without God there is no Black man. Without the Black man there is no God.

The Black man is God.


Real Nigga Subconsciousness 

Real niggas are not born in America. Real niggas have to be created or create themselves in America. Niggas are born in America, but that is all they are, niggas. If a nigga is not molded into a real nigga in America, it is inevitable that he or she will become a fake nigga. Only real niggas recognize real niggas. 

Fake niggas do not know they are fake. Fake niggas think they are real niggas, or they do not think they are niggas at all. They are dumb. Fake niggas hate niggas. Most niggas in America are fake niggas. I know real niggas and I know fake niggas. Real niggas can become fake, and fake niggas can become real. They are still niggas. 

Real niggas love niggas because real niggas love themselves. Real niggas know the real haters are white people. Real niggas like to be around niggas because that is where real niggas feel most comfortable. Real niggas love everybody, but they know that everybody does not love niggas. 

Real niggas make money with niggas and spend money with niggas. Fake niggas spend money with other people and think they are better than niggas for doing that. Real niggas police themselves. Fake niggas want to police niggas. There are more fake niggas in America than real niggas. One day there will be only real niggas.

I am a real nigga.