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Create Money

My son is a rich man. He’s not even born yet. His mother and I have created wealth for him before he can conceive of it for himself. My mother and father created this wealth for him, even before I could conceive of it. Their mothers and fathers created wealth for them as well. We are all rich people. As long as one lives he or she is rich, however one must recognize and realize this fact of matter. Our wealth is passed down from the generations before us. Our job is to receive it, create more wealth from it, and deliver it to others.

Money is a representation of time and how that time is or was spent. The value of that time spent is relative to the magnitude at which that time spent is or was worth to others. The more the time spent is worth for others then the more value there is to the money which represents it. Money means absolutely nothing without someone to signify its value. A dollar in the hands of no one is nothing more than a worthless shred of paper. It is a figment of matter which will erode in time if left unattended. One must attend to it and deliver it to another in order for it to matter. One who receives it must acknowledge it as a valuable note of time spent for it to belong to a derived currency of exchangeable commodity. This is the meaning and essence of money.

We perceive ourselves as either rich or poor even without money. Money does not determine the state of being rich or poor, rather it represents the state of the time spent amongst the perceived rich and the poor, whether delivered or received. The poor can deliver money to the rich and neither party feel either rich or poor. Likewise, the rich can deliver to the poor and both feel rich. The rich can believe they are poor, and the poor can believe they are rich, all while no one possesses any money. The fact is, the state of being rich or poor is based solely on how one perceives themselves and more importantly how their time has been spent. This idea is rooted into the sayings “time is money” and “money is no object.” However, those sayings are misleading, because time in fact is not money and money is actually an object. The truer saying is money represents time spent. How well or how poor someone spends their time is not a representation of money, however it does represent itself in their feeling of wealth or poverty. One must have a clear understanding of the difference between time and money in order to amass wealth.

Getting money is quite simple. Often times money is usually laying on the ground unbothered for anyone to casually pick it up and put it in their pocket. Most people walk by pennies and nickels everyday and pay them no mind because they feel it is not enough money to care to stop what they are doing to obtain it. It is understandable that such a small amount in the currency of today someone would care less about these coins and little bits of loose change, but this is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get money. After all, if getting money is all someone would want in life then there it is sitting right there for them with very little effort to receive it. It is the idea that getting money will create wealth that leads a person astray and misguided. They will spend all of their time doing whatever it takes, whether time spent well or time spent poorly, all for the simple task of getting money. Most of the time the money they receive from simply trying to get money is not enough to satisfy their true and instinctual goal of amassing wealth. They do not feel wealthy once they get the money they’ve been seeking so they continue spending their time trying to get more money and begin to believe to themselves that they are in fact poor. They feel poor all the time while trying to get money because they do not have the amount of money they believe they need or want in order for them to feel wealthy. They have confused getting money with wealth, and have not seen the difference between the time they’ve spent and the money they have received for it. The two things are not the same. They cannot tell that others have not valued the time they’ve spent the way they would like them to because they were so focused on getting money that all others had to do was deliver them a calculated amount of it without having to truly appreciate them or their time in exchange. That is time spent poorly. While questing to get money they do not notice most of all that they are not spending their time well with others! They are selfishly seeking the object of money in exchange for this unappreciated time, therefore they receive what is current to the value of that time spent with others, which consequentially is of little value. Simply getting money will most likely lead to one simply getting money and nothing more. One would have to make believe they are rich in order for spending all their time only to get money to be fulfilling and equal to building wealth.

It is the creation of money which is equal to amassing and building wealth! Once the difference between time and money is clear then a person will spend all of their time well and wisely! They will appreciate others and will share meaningful time and energy with them. Ideas will be exchanged and innovative products and new tangible creations will arise. It is the time well spent that will garner more from others. The service of one another’s time and energy being appreciated will equate to higher values and substantially gainful working relationships. In time, these relations will cultivate networks of thinkers, builders, and energetic intellectuals who agree to work and share the time it takes to create the products one would want and more than that, but need! You see, it is the time well spent with others which creates those products we spend so much of our time to obtain. It is the time well spent that is of highest value to everyone! You cannot amass and build wealth based upon poorly spent time. Your time spent poorly will not equate to a fortune. However, one may get plenty of money while spending all of their time poorly. It is not a matter! Time spent poorly does not matter at all. One will have to believe he or she is rich in order to enjoy spending their time poorly. Why delude in such an idiotic perplexity? Spending time well and wisely is truly fulfilling and leads to actual wealth! You see the difference! Money is an object! Time well spent is wealth! They are different and will never be the same thing. Nevertheless, money can surely be created and gotten through one spending all of his or her time very well with others! It is key to first notice how well one spends their time alone which must be mastered. Only then will others see the worth in appreciating their own time spent with that him or her. Time spent well alone through seeking what it is that is worth building and creating is the beginning of amassing wealth. The creation of wealth starts by first thinking about it to oneself! One must then develop their wealthy creation and offer to share it with others. It will surely be greatly appreciated no matter how much or how little in the beginning. It will grow wealth so long as one continues to build upon it with more time well spent. To create money is to create an idea worthy of others spending their time well with that same idea. That is how wealth is built! This is how money is created. One must understand how to create money.


Better Late Than Never


“For bet than never is late.” – Geoffrey Chaucer

A bill not paid is debt. A bill paid late is a paid bill.

Wants are preferred now, though now often comes tomorrow.

Absent is missing, but tardy is still present.

Claiming defeat before death is sinful. Suicide can be a long journey of loathing life just as much as it is instant. There is more in store after failure. Failure offers experience. Winning is nothing without failure. Failure declared is an attempt, but defeat is attributed to the weak. Time is a tool and late is its asset. Early is good and punctual is better, yet late may be necessary. Never is fear. Will is power. Time is fate. Acceptance is everything.

I Don’t Work


“Hey Albert? I see you’re home. The toaster’s workin. The oven’s workin. Why you not workin?” – Albert Sr.

What is it about working that seems so detestable? Why is work so despicable? My brothers, our sisters are working. Why don’t we believe we should work?

We must want to be broken. If we don’t work then we can only be broke. The opposite of working is broken. We must fix ourselves.

Who are we that we are so above working? Or are we beneath working? Is it not cool to be working? Well then I don’t want to be cool. I wanna be warm if working isn’t cool. Warm sounds fine.

You said, “I don’t work.” I heard you my brother. I listened to what you said to me. Did you hear yourself? Did you listen to what you said to me? You said you don’t work. You left something out at the end.

You forgot to mention that you’re broke.

Who fixes you? If you don’t work and you manage to live throughout each day with food clothing and shelter then someone must be fixing you. Everyday someone works to fix you.

One day they won’t want to fix you my brother. You will either have to work and fix yourself, or die broken.

You should work Black man. Men should work. If men don’t work then how will everyone survive? You’re a man, right?

Japanese Niggas Travel In Time


My coworker came in with a magazine called Atlantis Rising. Never heard of it. It had an article about Fukushima refugees’ time travel claims to Japanese authorities though! Crazy!

I had to read the article. Niggas are saying they’re traveling back in time through portals and gates of light and shit out there now. This doctor named Risa Imai is the one doing all the research, and he said all of this shit is highly possible.

One story is a group of people in a van driving near the disaster site say they drove through a cloud and came out seeing a village from the 19th century. They said everyone saw it and the shit was as real as it got for them.

Another one is of a dude who says he went back to a specific date in 1981. He said he knew the date because he saw a dude he recognized from his rookie year as a police officer. This guy says he was talking to dude about shit from that year as if it were the present.

A third story is of a woman who says her husband went through a portal, came back, laughed it off, tried it again and hasn’t been back since. She filed a missing report with the police. He may have liked what he saw and said fuck it.

Apparently this same shit happened in Chernobyl when a bunch of people saw a huge WWII zeppelin flying around like it was 1942. The Chernobyl disaster site in Russia is claimed to be the worst nuclear facility disaster on record, so there is validity.

The Japanese are smart. They need to figure this time travel shit out so we can all benefit! I know there are plenty things I wanna go back in time to see and do. This shit is crazy!

Capture A Moment


I was walking home from the barbershop today and as I strolled past Morningside Park I came across the women in the picture above. Something compelled me to capture the moment.

The image of them sitting together reading, yet seemingly oblivious to each other’s presence struck me. I would put my life savings on the fact that they know one another, but one can only assume from the image.

To me the sight was a beautiful one. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Uptown Harlem New York you can still find sights of calm and tranquillity.

I want this as a painting!

What Do Up & Down Mean?


If you’re standing on Earth’s south pole and you look up at the sky, are you really looking up, or are you technically looking down? Tough question, isn’t it? From a universal Earth perspective, you’d certainly be looking down.

Whose idea was it to define Europe, America, and Asia as part of the northern hemisphere, and anything below the equator as the southern? If the early astronomers we know of in the west would have come from Australia, would the idea have been different? I think a lot of astrological determinations would be totally opposite.

We allow scientific theories that root from a time when the Earth was thought to be the center of our universe dictate our concept of placement and motion. When you dig deep in your mind and think about our planet, it’s a really tiny digit of a ball. Spheres have no sides, they’re the perfect shape; so what’s north to us, could be south to someone else.

There is only what we believe and make into reality through dialogue and mandated rules. The fact is, there can be almost infinite perspectives of viewing what’s up and what’s down. The laws of gravity can be tricky, but don’t be fooled by attraction. When we leave Earth, there are a whole new set of rules to direction, and up is no way different from down.

What’s in Erick’s brain

All things are relative. It took me years to understand what that saying means, but I now do. It is the saying that has been revolving in my head for weeks. Everything else on my mind has currently been encompassed in that saying’s paradigm.