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Mau Mau

You are scared, Black America. Not me. I am a fearless warlord bent on the overthrow of all of my enemies. I will take absolutely no prisoners. This warning goes for all who transgress my will, including the Black man who is loyal to my enemies. I write this to you in plain English. Take heed!

I am the Mau Mau. I am a nation within my own self. My borders are universal. I defend my borders to the death and I will not die. I impose strict tariffs on foreign exchanges. I set rigid embargoes on transgressive aliens. I do not invite the merchant from outside of my own market. He and his children are not welcome to satellite just beyond my horizons. This is no empire or kingdom. This is the law of the universe. Anyone who does not obey will be struck down and so will their descendants. There is no economy without my own permission.

My market only adheres to the Mau Mau codes. Mau Mau markets only. That means no products in or out that are not products of Mau Mau. The penalty for not observing this simple code is annihilation.

The border of Mau Mau is unlimited. Wherever there is Mau Mau there is Mau Mau law. This simple understanding will not be misunderstood by anyone, or else face extermination.

Tariffs in excess are imposed on all foreigners. These levies must be paid and all tolls must be garnished by the rule of Mau Mau. Any deviation of this directive will result in execution.

An embargo on all products alien to Mau Mau is predetermined by Mau Mau law. There is no inspection and only an exclusion of all alien products. Any breach of this statute is subject to the policy of immediate eradication.

I am Mau Mau and this is my eternal will.

“In my opinion, not only in Mississippi and Alabama, but even right here in New York City you and I can best learn how to get real freedom by studying how Kenyatta brought it to his people in Kenya, and how Odinga helped him, and the excellent job that was done by the Mau Mau Freedom Fighters. In fact, that’s what we need in Mississippi… In Mississippi we need a Mau Mau. In Alabama we need a Mau Mau. In Georgia we need a Mau Mau. Right here in Harlem in New York City we need a Mau Mau.” – Malcolm X



iPad 2 For A Kidney

China: Teenager ‘sells kidney for iPad’


China China China … smh. Y’all just keep it coming with the laughs. This story just broke how a 17 year old boy sold one of his kidneys on the Chinese black market for $3,000, so he could cop an iPad 2 and a laptop. Parents, listen to your kids when you see them stressing you for new toys.

On one hand, this can happen anywhere in the world. On the other hand, only China can produce such an authentic story like this one. Apparently moms had no clue he was going through such measures to upgrade his gaming and online experiences, until she came home and saw new computer shit, and a big ass red scar on his back.


Really, it should never get this serious. He must be into “gold farming”.

DOW’n The Drain


Today the Dow Jones Industrial Average sunk 300 points at the end of the trading day. It hasn’t done anything like this since last year around this same time. Money experts are telling investors, “stop being such pessimists!”

The looming negativity in America when it comes to finance is said to be the main reason for today’s plunge. People are scared they’re gonna lose all their money for whatever reason it may be. Investors decided today was the day to sell off as much stock they could afford to before tomorrow.

Regardless of today’s sudden pull back, the DOW is still better off than it was two years ago, currently resting at 12,290, as opposed to 8,000.

I’m not shook. I see this as an opportunity to keep an eye on which stocks are sinking to a new floor, and to buy, buy, buy. That’s the name of the game, buy low, sell high.