Ride That Hoopty ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off


Yesterday after hanging out, a friend of mine was talking about her hoopty Nissan Pulsar. I forgot the name she gave her car, but she kept referring to it as a he. He was her mom’s first car, and he means a lot. Old hoopties tend to have that effect on their owners.

She said her initial plan was to ride him until his wheels fell off (pause if applicable). Now she’s saying, “I’m not a hoopty kinda girl.” The statement was under the circumstances that she were to leave the city of New York with the hoopty; very understandable. New York is the hoopty capitol.

Anyone living in NYC should have not a care in the world the appearance of their car, so long as it’s running right. Now, leaving the city in that shit bucket is always questionable. In New York, stranded is nonexistent & public transit is always plan A. Out in the boondocks is different, and it’s not hoopty friendly.

Aside from all that, the average New Yorker should have no problem sputtering through the city in a lemon. Mechanics are always a block away, and parking that junker is never an issue. Plus losing it to tow services and parking enforcement will only be a blessing.

On the flip side, luxury vehicles in NYC are a no-no, unless you have private parking everywhere you go. Besides, hoopties can run anywhere from $500 to $2500. You can’t beat the savings, and the convenience of a clunker in NYC. Forget pride and style, you definitely won’t stand out in NYC traffic in a hoopty. If you gotta drive outta the city, renting a car is always an option.


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