What Do Up & Down Mean?


If you’re standing on Earth’s south pole and you look up at the sky, are you really looking up, or are you technically looking down? Tough question, isn’t it? From a universal Earth perspective, you’d certainly be looking down.

Whose idea was it to define Europe, America, and Asia as part of the northern hemisphere, and anything below the equator as the southern? If the early astronomers we know of in the west would have come from Australia, would the idea have been different? I think a lot of astrological determinations would be totally opposite.

We allow scientific theories that root from a time when the Earth was thought to be the center of our universe dictate our concept of placement and motion. When you dig deep in your mind and think about our planet, it’s a really tiny digit of a ball. Spheres have no sides, they’re the perfect shape; so what’s north to us, could be south to someone else.

There is only what we believe and make into reality through dialogue and mandated rules. The fact is, there can be almost infinite perspectives of viewing what’s up and what’s down. The laws of gravity can be tricky, but don’t be fooled by attraction. When we leave Earth, there are a whole new set of rules to direction, and up is no way different from down.


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