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The Color of Life

You see this as orange, or you may not. I may see this orange more brighter or darker than you. You may see it more amber, or maybe more browner than me. Well then there maybe someone looking at it who we might call colorblind and they probably see it as a gray shadow. With the three of us collectively seeing three different images that begs the question does color matter? With these facts then we can say there is no matter to color when it is nothing but an optical illusion, or in my opinion one of life’s beautiful fulfillments.

Fate VS Chance


I used to love these choose your own destiny books in elementary school. I think I might have checked all the available versions out at my school library by the 5th grade. But really, are our fates predetermined, or do we decide them based on chance?

Personally, I believe fate is the redundant processes of breathing, sleeping, and being born, living, dying, growing, and all the parts of life that are instinctual. But we do make decisions within the paradigm of life. By chance, we have the opportunities to mold and shape our fate. A predetermined life would be close to the life of a tree.

We’re human, and the fact that we can even conceive notions of fate and chance leads me to believe we are the true masters of our fate. I could never leave my fate, or the concept of my fate in anyone’s control besides mine.

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What’s in Erick’s brain

All things are relative. It took me years to understand what that saying means, but I now do. It is the saying that has been revolving in my head for weeks. Everything else on my mind has currently been encompassed in that saying’s paradigm.