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Black Predictability 

1968 was by far the most confusing year in American history for white people. It was the year that for the first time in modern and western history, white people had become openly defenseless, fearful, nervous, and simply scared of Black people. Almost fifty years later and absolutely nothing has changed about the dynamics of white people’s overall perceptions of Black people. The only thing that has evolved is white people’s willingness to admit to their fear of Black people, and yet most still will not.

The late nineteen sixties and mid seventies was a time when white people had for once consciously and subconsciously considered Black people as unpredictable. Before then, it was a fairly simple assessment to place Black people into an easily contained afterthought compartment within the consciousness of white people. The main factor in this mentality was the prevailing apparatus of Black people’s fear driven by racism and discriminatory brutality against Black people for centuries. The tides had abruptly changed when in the late sixties, Black people had become more willing to express their rights and fight for them. The new atmosphere of conflicting views and color lines brought about a riddling society which created an air of uncertainty. 

With the advent of color television, live newscasts, yet less sophistication in media censorship, the entire world was able to see the reality of American racism. It was then without a doubt and apparent that the leader of the so called free world was a complete hipocracy and unable to be trusted as a government elite in the global stratosphere. It was time for America to clean up the act. The late seventies ushered in a new sense of codes in conduct, particularly in the realm of politics. With the new generations of unpredictable Blacks who could now wage what white people believed to be street wars and fight for their rights, it was time that white people learn new ways to predict the movements and cultural advancements of Black people.

The nineteen eighties showed white politicians were very swift with a solution and quite timely to the disadvantage of Black people. While the country and even the world began to fully enjoy the benefits of illicit drugs openly and freely, American politicians saw an opportunity to place well written codes onto Black people without appearing to be racist bigots. The stage was set to put the entire Black population back into a state of fear and predictability. The introduction of the War on Drugs and its prime asset called crack created a new paradigm in the ways white people could conceptualize and legitimize their fears, and ultimately their racist sense of predictability of Black people. This destructive and neglectful thinking of white Americans allowed for laws to authorize unjust and wrongful imprisonments, and countless murders by police of unarmed and innocent Black people.  

No matter how much the facts are present and the truth is in front of everyone’s face, law enforcement’s sole purpose has ultimately been in place to keep minorities in America controlled and contained, yet no authorities or officials will admit this. The most hated minority to law enforcement in America has always overwhelmingly been Black people. By the late 20th century, when it was no longer acceptable to blame the problems of American society on Black people outright, politicians simply replaced Black with crime. It was a very simple transition which to this very moment is still causing turmoil among America’s Black communities with no end in sight. 

Unless the observable truth is heeded and its unmistakable injustices are ceased then the inevitable yet avoidable reality is soon to come. The day when Black people will again be unpredictable to white people. 



Common Sense, by: Thomas Paine


I never thought I’d actually enjoy reading this type of literature, but I did. I wanna say it was a required reading in high school or college, but I didn’t read books back then. Still, this book simplifies the state of our country, and every American should read it.

It was written in 1776 so you know it has a bunch of old English style words and shit, and you will definitely need a dictionary close at hand.

Overall, Common Sense the book brings the real meaning to the term common sense, and to this day there are many people, rich and poor, who lack common sense. Freedom is at stake when a person neglects common sense.

Nancy Reagan Says Yes To Drugs


In the midst of the war on drugs failure announcement by the UN yesterday, I decided to present this mashup of the Reagans’ stand on the war on drugs. Enjoy!

War On Drugs: Mission Unaccomplished

Global war on drugs ‘has failed’ say former leaders


Yesterday the United Nations and a group of 19 panelists announced that the war on drugs has been a complete failure. They noted that the percentage of drug use has only gone up since the “war” began, and crime has skyrocketed because of it. Guess who disagrees with the announcement. You guessed it, Washington D.C.

America has been blamed to be the catalyst for the downward spiraling effect that the so called war on drugs has had on the global community. The crime syndicates that benefit from drug trafficking are clearly in bed with the U.S. government, and Washington turns a blind eye to the fact.

The panelists are targeting the American government and asking for reform to the drug laws, including legalization of certain drugs, and decriminalization of drug users. They said medical treatment and psychiatric help is more useful than jail time and a criminal record. Wow, how come I didn’t think of that?

This is not some shit that nobody knew already. They UN should just ask the Black community in America to be the mascot of this campaign. You know we can’t stand the damn government, and I think any nigga with some sense would stand behind this cause.

I know I’m down with this shit. Shit, motherfucker.

Chinese Video Game Prisons

Chinese Prison Inmates Forced to Moonlight as World of Warcraft ‘Gold Farmers’ for Guards


China done up and created some new weirdo shit. Apparently some prisons in China are forcing inmates to play role play video games like World of Warcraft for money in a systematic gaming racket called “gold farming”. Hmmm … won’t be long before we hear about this in other countries.

It’s pretty ingenious of an idea. The inmates, who reap no benefits, sit around playing all day on a huge server earning credits that exchange from virtual money to real money. It works because dorks in Europe and America suck at video games compared to Asians. They buy the credits from the guards so they can have better stats and gaming options. You know we love cheating to win, what an even exchange.

As much cracking down as authorities would like to implement, the hackers always are ten steps ahead. Rerouting IP addresses, building and evading firewalls, and having the actual Chinese prison cops earning money is keeping the mob effect thriving.

This phenomena is only in its teenage stage. Once that $150 gold farmer monthly salary raises to say around $1500 per month, that’s when the big bucks start rollin’ in.