Chinese Video Game Prisons

Chinese Prison Inmates Forced to Moonlight as World of Warcraft ‘Gold Farmers’ for Guards


China done up and created some new weirdo shit. Apparently some prisons in China are forcing inmates to play role play video games like World of Warcraft for money in a systematic gaming racket called “gold farming”. Hmmm … won’t be long before we hear about this in other countries.

It’s pretty ingenious of an idea. The inmates, who reap no benefits, sit around playing all day on a huge server earning credits that exchange from virtual money to real money. It works because dorks in Europe and America suck at video games compared to Asians. They buy the credits from the guards so they can have better stats and gaming options. You know we love cheating to win, what an even exchange.

As much cracking down as authorities would like to implement, the hackers always are ten steps ahead. Rerouting IP addresses, building and evading firewalls, and having the actual Chinese prison cops earning money is keeping the mob effect thriving.

This phenomena is only in its teenage stage. Once that $150 gold farmer monthly salary raises to say around $1500 per month, that’s when the big bucks start rollin’ in.


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