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Green Crack And NY Double Diesel


These last two or three weeks have been stressful and long for me, to say the least. Luckily, during my downtime I’ve had the pleasantries of Green Crack (below), and NY Double Diesel (above). Very good strains!


To compare the two against each other is far from my will. They have their own independent and superior psychoactive qualities, and I would use them both for different and separate reasons.

Green Crack is more of a stimulant, in my opinion. It didn’t take long for me to know I was high, but it was one of those smart highs. I was more aware and observant of events around me. I also felt urges to workout during my high, and well after I had come down. I’d recommend Green Crack before going to work.

The New York Double Diesel was way more of a sedative. I mean a real downer. I felt good, so its not a depressant. But, talk about sleepy! As far as the high goes, it’s immediate, but not a huge impact, which is good, seeing as how it eventually sedates you. Good for insomnia, without a doubt!

Neither one of the strains induced paranoia in my case, which could be due to the fact that I’m a habitual pot smoker. They both smelled pretty good, the Green Crack having more of a dew-like moldy smell, while the NY Double Diesel was closer to a pine or forest odor. No skunk in either case.

I’d never turn down an opportunity at either one of these two strains.


Oliver Sacks


I saw a BBC documentary about Oliver Sacks, his neurology practice, his literary works, and a few patients he’s worked with, and I was amazed. This guy’s dedicated his life to something a lot of people take for granted, their brain.

It was cool to learn about face blindness, stereo vision and 2D vision, and deaf-blind people. We almost never realize our abilities unless they’re taken away from us, or if they’re suddenly granted to us by medical science or divination. It’s also incredible to know that our brain will work around any discrepancies no matter the issue.

The most amazing thing about Oliver Sacks is the fact that he helps all these people and their ailments, and come to find out he has a depth perception ailment due to a tumor he had in his brain, forcing him to only see in 2D. He also has a slight case of face blindness, which hinders him from recognizing familiar faces as good as the average person.

Oliver Sacks says his best prescription for his vision issues is marijuana.

“Mah maaan…” – Frank Lucas

Don’t Mooch People’s Weed


I do understand the reasoning behind wanting to ask can you have a few tokes from someone else’s blunt. Almost every smoker has done it, including me. That still doesn’t make it a cool thing to do.

Most of the time smokers mooch from smokers they know and have smoked with before. But there’s that unfortunately often time when someone you’ve never seen before in your life approaches you and your weed smoking friends and asks for a hit.

There are plenty ways to be considered a moocher, but asking people you’ve never met before to do illegal activities with them is always not a good thing. After that, you’re pretty much just an asshole and a scumbag, simply because most people usually allow you to hit the blunt; and you knew that would be the outcome. Don’t take advantage of that, ever.

Now, that’s just one particular case of weed mooching. There are all sorts of ways to be considered a moocher, females especially. All in all, the best thing to do is bring your own weed.

Why Carl Sagan Gets High


If you’ve never heard of Carl Sagan, Google him.

There are plenty reasons why I get high, but Carl Sagan’s reasons are way cooler than mine. Any dude that can explain the space-time continuum to an elementary school class, break down the reasons why nebulas form, give a clear definition of what a black hole is and consists of, all while high on weed, should help shed light to why pot is not as harmful as lawmakers would want everyone to believe.