Green Crack And NY Double Diesel


These last two or three weeks have been stressful and long for me, to say the least. Luckily, during my downtime I’ve had the pleasantries of Green Crack (below), and NY Double Diesel (above). Very good strains!


To compare the two against each other is far from my will. They have their own independent and superior psychoactive qualities, and I would use them both for different and separate reasons.

Green Crack is more of a stimulant, in my opinion. It didn’t take long for me to know I was high, but it was one of those smart highs. I was more aware and observant of events around me. I also felt urges to workout during my high, and well after I had come down. I’d recommend Green Crack before going to work.

The New York Double Diesel was way more of a sedative. I mean a real downer. I felt good, so its not a depressant. But, talk about sleepy! As far as the high goes, it’s immediate, but not a huge impact, which is good, seeing as how it eventually sedates you. Good for insomnia, without a doubt!

Neither one of the strains induced paranoia in my case, which could be due to the fact that I’m a habitual pot smoker. They both smelled pretty good, the Green Crack having more of a dew-like moldy smell, while the NY Double Diesel was closer to a pine or forest odor. No skunk in either case.

I’d never turn down an opportunity at either one of these two strains.


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