Don’t Mooch People’s Weed


I do understand the reasoning behind wanting to ask can you have a few tokes from someone else’s blunt. Almost every smoker has done it, including me. That still doesn’t make it a cool thing to do.

Most of the time smokers mooch from smokers they know and have smoked with before. But there’s that unfortunately often time when someone you’ve never seen before in your life approaches you and your weed smoking friends and asks for a hit.

There are plenty ways to be considered a moocher, but asking people you’ve never met before to do illegal activities with them is always not a good thing. After that, you’re pretty much just an asshole and a scumbag, simply because most people usually allow you to hit the blunt; and you knew that would be the outcome. Don’t take advantage of that, ever.

Now, that’s just one particular case of weed mooching. There are all sorts of ways to be considered a moocher, females especially. All in all, the best thing to do is bring your own weed.


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2 responses to “Don’t Mooch People’s Weed

  • Ben

    I think it’s worse when people you KNOW ask you for weed when they rarely, if ever, supply their own for you to smoke. Especially when they ask you time and time again AND come in to your room after your roommates invited them over then ask you to smoke them up. In fact just writing about this makes me want to disown this person as a friend.

    If a ‘friend’ asks you to smoke them up all the time or even takes hits off of your pipe that is ultimately them taking money out of your wallet. Every bowl costs 1-5 bucks depending on your weed and every hit is a fraction of that. If a friend has taken 100 hits off your pipe and didn’t load any for you in the past 6 months they have effectively stolen $100-$500 from you. FUCKED UP.

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