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Oliver Sacks


I saw a BBC documentary about Oliver Sacks, his neurology practice, his literary works, and a few patients he’s worked with, and I was amazed. This guy’s dedicated his life to something a lot of people take for granted, their brain.

It was cool to learn about face blindness, stereo vision and 2D vision, and deaf-blind people. We almost never realize our abilities unless they’re taken away from us, or if they’re suddenly granted to us by medical science or divination. It’s also incredible to know that our brain will work around any discrepancies no matter the issue.

The most amazing thing about Oliver Sacks is the fact that he helps all these people and their ailments, and come to find out he has a depth perception ailment due to a tumor he had in his brain, forcing him to only see in 2D. He also has a slight case of face blindness, which hinders him from recognizing familiar faces as good as the average person.

Oliver Sacks says his best prescription for his vision issues is marijuana.

“Mah maaan…” – Frank Lucas