My Son

I love you. You are the world to me. One day you will read this. I hope you understand everything I write here. I am not a perfect man, but you are my perfect creation. You are the shining light of my life. Everything here is for you. You will lead a nation and they will believe in you. I believe in you. When I think about you when we are not with each other my heart stutters. You mean so much to me. I cannot imagine what I would be like if you were not near and I could not touch your face. Your smile makes me feel better. Your laugh makes all my problems go away. Your smell uplifts my mood. Your touch makes me forget my pains. I shed tears of joy when I think of how sweet a person you are. Your innocence demands my protection. I will do anything to keep you safe. No matter what it takes, I will be there for you. I love you so much, my son. 



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