President Anti Planned Parenthood

Bachmann slams Planned Parenthood at faith event


Michele Bachmann is so not pro choice. I wonder what other controversial topics she’s anti about. She’s a congresswoman and a possible GOP presidential candidate from Minnesota, but that’s all I know. Honestly, the status of Planned Parenthood should be the last of an American President’s agenda in 2013.

She claims that Planned Parenthood is involved in young female sex trafficking. That’s a pretty huge claim that needs a helluva lot more evidence to back it up. I’ve read stories about Planned Parenthood employees doing some type of pimping and hoeing, but hey, a hoe needs guidance.

True, Planned Parenthood should not be sending teenage girls on the hoe stroll, but when it comes to abortion, our president needs to let the pregnant women decide in 2013-2016. We are still trying to recover from an economic recession, and more mouths to feed will certainly make that tougher.

I think Bachmann needs to concentrate on matters that really count to our nation right now if she wants to stand a chance in the presidential race. Planned Parenthood still serves a vital role in our healthcare system, which we all know is a huge let down for a lot of Americans nowadays. Face reality Bachmann, soccer moms aren’t the majority.


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