DOW’n The Drain


Today the Dow Jones Industrial Average sunk 300 points at the end of the trading day. It hasn’t done anything like this since last year around this same time. Money experts are telling investors, “stop being such pessimists!”

The looming negativity in America when it comes to finance is said to be the main reason for today’s plunge. People are scared they’re gonna lose all their money for whatever reason it may be. Investors decided today was the day to sell off as much stock they could afford to before tomorrow.

Regardless of today’s sudden pull back, the DOW is still better off than it was two years ago, currently resting at 12,290, as opposed to 8,000.

I’m not shook. I see this as an opportunity to keep an eye on which stocks are sinking to a new floor, and to buy, buy, buy. That’s the name of the game, buy low, sell high.


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