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Internet Fights

I can honestly admit that there was a time before now when I would search the web for internet fight videos to see what craziness people would post of street fights and school students pouncing on one another for the world to see. Since then I’ve grown to disgust these videos as they’ve become more and more popular over these short years. It appears now that people are in the streets taunting and instigating these fights now specifically for the camera. I don’t look at the sensation of the violence the same as I did before. Nowadays I see the images as a stark reality of what we’ve degraded to as a society and what poor future we have in store for the following generations. Aside from the slightly present anti cyber bully campaigns that are out to curb the foolishness there doesn’t seem to be a foreseeable end to the display of ignorance we’ve come too accustomed to lately. There needs to be an end somehow someway.

My biggest problem is when I see inner city people of color engaging in senseless violence on camera. The root of the fight is almost never revealed and it only looks like a bunch of dummies out to brutally kill each other all while the camera person chuckles, heckles, and instigates the violence further and further. As time has progressed I’ve noticed a key difference in what these videos used to be and what they are now. Today people are prepared for the camera and the camera is the true judge. If the camera wasn’t present I seriously doubt the violence would be as brutal. The individuals in these fights are now performing for an audience they know is larger than the one physically present. The desensitization has reached a point when people are dying on camera and nobody flinches. When will people realize we are our only enemies?

As we continue to perpetuate what is a new phenomenon of instantaneous access to viral violence, we will get entranced by something that is not healthy for our own senses as well for our culture. Everyone will find it absolutely normal to stop what they’re doing on a quiet day out in town to record a street fight and upload it onto the web from their recording device, laugh and share the images, then go about their day. No one will stop to think, what about the innocent who saw that and now think it’s okay to move along and allow violence to supersede peace? Ignorance cannot be the answer to random violence.

As law enforcement becomes a larger presence in the social atmosphere, who will protect children from the grips of police who don’t mind apprehending the young people they see engaging in the stupidity of these videos? No one will, because ironically their parents will also be apprehended due to the fact they are in the same video. There has to be a correction to this. I’m ashamed of the dumbness possessed by people who share my skin color in these videos. Every last one who still thinks it’s not their problem, but those in the videos should feel just as ashamed.

I believe we’re embarking on a time in America when racial inequality will take a backseat to social inequality full and out right. People of color will be hanging on to the argument of racial inequality for dear life, meanwhile society will say, “but look at how stupid most of you act in public.” A video will be shown of a school fight, an apartment complex fight, a fast food restaurant fight, and a fight between a family. Everyone will look at each other and say, “well that’s just those types of people.” The idea that there is a racial divide will be diluted and those who are ignorant to the fact will be forgotten. This is not what we should wish for. We can’t allow our actions to be the reason we are denied access to the gains of our society. It’s time for our cameras to display something more important. Until we find out what that is then we need not press record.

The Color of Life

You see this as orange, or you may not. I may see this orange more brighter or darker than you. You may see it more amber, or maybe more browner than me. Well then there maybe someone looking at it who we might call colorblind and they probably see it as a gray shadow. With the three of us collectively seeing three different images that begs the question does color matter? With these facts then we can say there is no matter to color when it is nothing but an optical illusion, or in my opinion one of life’s beautiful fulfillments.

Camille Safiya “Phunky Philly”

First I wanna say that Camille is an extraordinary artist and she has a powerful and chilling voice when she sings. Fred Focus is a true visionary and the images he captured in this video are beyond explanation.

I wanna bring forth my thoughts on one particular part. When the black and white scene of Camille on the porch with the dog comes on I swear my heart skipped a beat. I almost forgot I was watching a music video on my iPhone. I for a second believed I had travelled back in time and was watching a real image of some 1930’s back alley shanty town performance.

This is by far the best work I’ve seen from these two artists, in regards to them working together. I know the both of them personally and would like them to know I’m deeply proud to have been graced by their artistic presences’ in my lifetime. I hope to see more collaborations between them and riveting and provocative works of art in the near and later future.

I Hate Niggas. (Internal Racism)

I hate niggas.

I hate a part of myself.

I hate how niggas think they know everything but don’t know shit. I hate when niggas do dumb shit. I hate when niggas don’t understand community. I hate when niggas do foul shit to other niggas. I hate when niggas think they own city blocks. I hate niggas in gangs. I hate niggas who think being stupid is smart. I hate when niggas sell crack. I hate when niggas do crack. I hate when niggas think their complexion matters. I hate when niggas say keep it real, because nothing in reality is fake. I hate when niggas only talk about clothes. I hate when niggas don’t understand economics. I hate when niggas don’t watch the news. I hate when niggas don’t know how to speak English correctly. I hate when niggas don’t know how to read and write properly. I hate when niggas don’t wanna learn another language. I hate when niggas start fights over city blocks. I hate when niggas don’t know their history. I hate when niggas never heard of Cointel Pro. I hate when niggas think rap is real. I hate when niggas never heard of Marcus Garvey. I hate when niggas get violent over city blocks. I hate when niggas don’t know their credit score. I hate when niggas don’t know what a thin file is. I hate when niggas don’t know what the Federal Reserve is. I hate when niggas don’t understand debt. I hate when niggas don’t wanna learn. I hate when niggas think rapping is the only way. I hate when niggas claim hoods. I hate when niggas don’t know about ancient Egypt. I hate when niggas think Voodoo is evil. I hate when niggas think their block is all that matters. I hate when niggas can’t read. I hate when niggas don’t know they’re a target. I hate when niggas wanna be caught in the justice system. I hate when niggas disrespect respectable citizens. I hate when niggas rob. I hate when niggas kill. I hate when niggas don’t raise their children right. I hate when niggas blame everything on white people. I hate when niggas don’t think. I hate when niggas don’t travel. I hate when niggas think the only way to get rich is be illegal. I hate niggas.

“There’s two types of Black people in this country. There’s Black people, and there’s niggas. And niggas have got to go!” – Chris Rock