FB Finally Goin’ Public


Hmmm… Facebook predicted to launch under the stock symbol $FB on the NYSE at $38-40 per share. It’ll def be worth getting fresh out the gate.

Thing about trading stock is you HAVE to find the “brighter” side to every event, even if it’s cause of a tragedy. Bright side to FB goin public? All the newbie traders will feel compelled to hop the bandwagon when FB’s stock spikes the first week.

That will most def be the cause of a short term tragedy.

Two good examples of this tragic market prediction; Linkedin and Zynga. Granted, Facebook is way more popular than those two. Doesn’t change the fact they’re all social media platforms.

So, when it comes to $FB it’ll probably be the usual social media “get in and get out” stock job… I like how I gave that a bank robbery feel.

If you read Mark’s letter to potential investors you’d clearly see he has absolutely NO real game plan for FB’s foreseeable stock future. I’ve read some IPO letters before, and frankly I just didn’t see enough numbers, decimals, and percentages in his.

And the “Hacker Way” thing was sorta the icing. Basically, “we at FB are just gonna wing it when it comes to this stock stuff. Ya know?”


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