Two More Elements!? Damn You Chemistry!

Resetting the Table for Two Fleeting Elements


Two new unnamed elements have been added to the Periodic Table of Elements today; elements 114 and 116. Some scientists who were colliding particles together at some lab discovered them, but they only lasted for milliseconds in order for them to be observed. Don’t ask me, I’m not making this up.

The elements don’t have names yet, but they are radioactive, very heavy, and very unstable. It sounds like these scientists might be barking up the wrong tree. But as history has foretold, some crackpot has to blow some shit to smithereens in order for technology to progress.

These new elements are gonna make chemistry class even more confusing than it already is. But hey, at least they’re not keeping all their findings a secret in these government funded labs. With big news like this, I wonder what they really are keeping under the wraps though.


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