The Bitcoin Is Global Currency’s Future


If you don’t know what Bitcoin is, Google it. Currency online is taking a huge turn to the left, and that’s probably the direction it’ll keep going. With Bitcoin, you can exchange your dollar, euro, and yen for non-government regulated online money. The feds ain’t gon’ like this!

With current global economy pushing the average consumer-investor to hide their money under mattresses and in cookie jars, Bitcoin is a handkerchief to wipe some sweat off their brows. It’s an online currency exchange that has its own deflation mechanism. It’s its own money!

The concept will take time for most people to understand, but that’s an advantage for the early users. The deflation mechanism allows for the population growth of users to bring the value of the bitcoin up, no matter the external value of the particular currency in exchange.

I know, it sounds confusing, right? Think about it like this, if you exchange your dollar for a bitcoin now, it’ll be worth more tomorrow when all your friends finally decide to do the same. And since it’s not regulated by any government establishment, it’s not a fiat currency, so the population regulates its value. Get it?

Okay, lemme do it first, then tomorrow, you go do it.


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