Why Does Antimatter Matter?

Scientists Create Antimatter They Can Actually Study


Some scientists at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, found a way to trap antimatter for an astounding 1,000 seconds. That’s the longest antimatter has ever been sustained in human history! What the fuck is antimatter!?

For everything in existence there is an equal amount of nonexistence to account for it. Think of a simple action you do in a moment of time, now remember that other opposite idea to that action you decided against doing. Well, somewhere in the other side of the universe you did that opposite action. That is essentially what antimatter is.

We’ve always known that antimatter is real, the only thing is we never knew how to obtain it. Now we have the ability to use some really big magnets to suspend antimatter in time, after an atom of hydrogen has been blasted with a laser.

How does this matter to us? It does not matter, and that’s exactly what scientists at CERN are trying to study; why exactly does this matter not matter? This study will help us solve the conundrum of where the other side of our existence is, and how can we use it. Hopefully we find practical uses before we turn this phenomena into another weapon against ourselves.


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