Lebanon Wants Nada With Gaga

LEBANON: Lady Gaga’s newest album seized as potentially offensive to Christians


Lebanese police got a whole bunch of boxes filled with Born This Way CDs chilling at the precinct, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Lebanon don’t play when it comes to religion, and Lady Gaga is not exempt. But what about all the craving Lebanese Gaga fans!?

I assume Lebanon will likely ban the entire album and call it a day. That’s not gonna stop the raging teens in that nation from getting their hands and ears on the most widely selling album of this summer. They’re already finding was to download it and burn copies from friends.

This is another example of how church and state are not a good mix. Not only is this issue superfluous to the real issues in Lebanon, but it shows how theocracy can turn very insignificant subject matter into the forefront of policy in order to maintain power and control in government.


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