Kevin McHale Rockets New Coach


Kevin McHale just got hired as the Houston Rockets new head coach. This is a pretty big step for both the Rockets and McHale because McHale has yet to coach a NBA team for an entire season. The only thing I gotta say is, No Yao!

This is good because the Rockets need a new start. We’ve been tinkering around with the same jacked up situation trying to form a team around Yao Ming. At this point, any change would be greatly appreciated, as long as they get Yao the fuck outta town.

I hope Kevin McHale can bring the winning spirit back to the Rockets franchise and lead us to a championship. We can’t say he sucks at coaching, because the little substitute coaching he did in Minnesota was not a failure.

Let’s go Rockets!


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One response to “Kevin McHale Rockets New Coach

  • Rich

    Yao Ming is actually hoping to return to basketball shape and continue playing as part of the Rockets franchise. Let’s hope the organization has different feelings on how they want to handle the yao situation

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