Don’t Touch My Damn A/C


It’s about to be summer, and if you ain’t got no A/C, you’sa damn fool! I tried to live without A/C one summer in New York. You wanna know what happened? I ordered my Black ass an A/C unit.

Just to get one thing clear, it gets hot in every single state in America, and every living person in our great country needs air conditioning in the home. With global warming and all this erratic weather pattern bull, the last thing you want is to die of heat stroke while watching The Price Is Right.

A/C units don’t even cost as much as you think. You can cop a window unit as low as $150. Don’t be a dummy and try to be cheap with that fan in the window foolishness when it’s 95 plus degrees outside.

And you know that light bill is gonna look crazy, so get ready. I usually leave mine on auto while I’m home, and I shut it completely off when I leave. I even get mad when I forget to shut it off, then remember to do so when I’m already out the house.

Whatever the case, don’t be an idiot and have the oven crib. And don’t invite people to kick it at your house when you know your ass is uncomfortable being there your damn self.


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