Kreayshawn Who?


Never, even, heard of her son! She just signed a $1 million dollar 360 recording deal with Sony though. If you know anything about 360 deals, then you know she’s gotta lot of work ahead of her.

The first time I saw her name was via Twitter. One of my boys tweeted that she would be a new problem, and he’s right. She’s white, she raps, she curses, she does drugs, and she doesn’t give a fuck. Kreayshawn is most definitely a problem.

The only work I’ve had a chance to partake in is her single “Gucci Gucci.” I did watch the entire video, and I was definitely listening to her lyrics. I’m gonna go ahead and state the obvious, she’s the Lady Gaga of hip hop.

Only time will tell if she can actually stand a chance in the music industry. But as far as the entertainment industry, she’s got too much potential.

She’s in there like swim wear.


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