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Why High School Sucks So Much

I think most will agree.

Nate Magers’ Reaction To School Shooting Plot… On Weed

This guy should be voted most likely to succeed.

Being A Rapper Nowadays


Pearson is an up and coming rapper who goes by the stage name Real Rap. He hates his nine to five job and feels trapped in a corner. He finally gets his big break when he gets signed to a major record label. Things get tough when he sees how it really is to be a star.

PDF link below.


Naughty By Nature “O.P.P.”


I saw this sticker today at work and it brought back the childhood memory of Naughty By Nature’s hit single “O.P.P.”, which was my shit! You had to respect the intensity and how gangsta’ the track was in 1991. Rap ain’t what it used to be.

Don’t Sit Up Straight


Remember in elementary school whenever you would slouch in your seat the teacher would say, “sit up straight, slouching is bad posture”? I think that was the effect of a chair company’s ploy to sell off a huge shipment of defective chairs. Sitting up straight is uncomfortable!

When’s the last time you saw a really rich CEO sitting up straight in his corner office suite’s leather swivel chair? Never, because he never has and definitely never will. Sitting up straight in your chair is for women and homosexual men.


All that garbage about bad posture, and you’ll have a hump in your back when you become old is some of the dumbest shit to believe. Bad posture doesn’t exist in my opinion. Whoever said sitting up straight in a chair would sustain a healthy back, died of cornballitis.

Motherfucker, I slouch in my seat.