How To Earn My Dollar On The Train


Riding a New York subway everyday can add up to a lot of money if you’re not careful. If you work everyday of the week, buying a monthly unlimited card for $103 is the best choice. After that, add all the other ways to spend money on the train, like train car performances.

My reality is I never give beggars my money on the subway train. My reason is because the next car over, some other fortunate riders are enjoying a train performance for free! Beggars compete with something way more appealing than their offensive smell and pathetic sob stories. Hop off the car bum, make room for the Mexican band.

The Mexican band comes through with a smile and plenty character. They usually play recognizable tunes like “Guantanamera”. On top of the pleasantries of the guitars and Mexican man vocals, the lead singer does a little shake in front of the ladies faces, which is quite embarrassing for some reason either way you look at it.

Nevertheless, these guys usually get my dollar and a smile in return. Their main competition would have to be the young break dancing crews all over the city who do flips in a crowded train car, without hitting anyone. They’re pretty amazing. Bottom line, the only way you’re getting my dollar on the train is by doing some old fashion chucking and jiving.


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