Both Magic And Timothy Got The Cure!

HIV patient Timothy Brown is the boy who lived


If you ain’t know already, yes, there is a cure for HIV. First, ask Magic Johnson, then go ask Timothy Brown, the guy whose bone marrow transplant to battle his fight with leukemia killed his HIV infliction as well.

Timothy, now 45, had been battling HIV for 20 years. One day he got mad tired and went to the doctor to find out he then had leukemia. I know, fucked up right? Well apparently there are a small percentage of Europeans that are immune to HIV, so his Dr. chose one of their bone marrow samples and voilà, two birds in one stone!

And to think, that simple, why haven’t we been using this procedure on all HIV patients? We could have saved 30 million lives already. Psych your mind niggas! You know industry profit always comes first. If everybody with HIV got cured, whose gonna come up with the next indestructible disease? Huh?

I thought so.


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