You Look Stupid Making That Face


If it doesn’t make you look like a giraffe, then you look like a fish. If you get caught looking like this on accident, okay, not your fault. But just because some model made that face on a runway or on a magazine cover, doesn’t make it a good look.

Look how dumb you look in the photo when you make this face first before you post it on the web.

Dudes look homosexual by default when they make this face.

Look how stupid she looks. She ain’t even got no lips.

Making this face did not help either of their appearances.

Look at this nigga Kobe, looking like a bitch.

And at least do the shit right if you gon’ do the shit.

Look at this fool. He would have looked cool if he wouldn’t have copied them hoes. Now they all look like fish and shit.

Stop making that damn face. That shit always looks stupid. And if you just can’t resist the urge, at least limit it to one pic at a time. Don’t make that damn face in all your photos.


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