Why Kill The Pretty Chicks?

19 Year Old Muslim Woman Stoned To Death For Being Beauty Pageant Contestant


A 19 year old woman named Katya Loren was stoned to death by three teenage boys in Crimea, Ukraine because she joined a beauty contest. The dudes justified killing her because she broke Sharia law according to Islam. C’mon son!?

That is the dumbest shit I’ve heard this month. Why the fuck would you kill the baddest bitch in your hood because she got awarded for being the baddest bitch? Do these niggas ever want pussy? They really do have the game all fucked up.

I don’t care what the hell someone told you to believe in, or what you convinced yourself to believe in, killing the best looking chick in your hood because she’s in fact the best looking chick is some degenerative shit to do.

And they really hate our lifestyle here in America. Go figure.


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