Greece Needs Elbow Grease


Greece is broke. They got a €327B debt! That’s around $520 billion dollars, and it ain’t looking like they’ll pay that off no time soon. Instead of just tapping out and filing bankruptcy, they askin’ to borrow more cash, €65B on top of the €110B they just got! Get a job Greece!

Greece went wrong when they decided to participate in this capitalistic game, and then forgot to privatize their damn infrastructure. Now it’s looking like a steep uphill battle to switch the game plan, and the European nations with the most paper are ready to be stingy. Sucks doesn’t it?

How does this affect us though? Well, if the Euro Zone shells out the paper, chances are they’ll keep having to, sending the euro into a downward spiral. That means the dollar will be winning again, but the catch is, we ain’t really got no money fool!

Greece should just call it quits, privatize their energy, financial, and construction sectors, and let their citizens own a piece of the pie. All these bailouts and loans floating around the world’s financial markets recently are all grounds for more trouble.

And while we’re shitting on Greece’s €327B shenanigans, let’s not forget we’re boasting a $14.3 trillion dollar debt in our bank statement. What is we gon’ do!?


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