Calories For Salaries

Workers more obese, burning fewer calories than ever before


I read this article in USA Today about three days ago saying that Americans are burning on average 130 less calories a day at work. That’s no surprise, seeing as how most Americans don’t do shit at their job. I think eating is the most movement at probably 90% of all our jobs.

It may sound funny to some, but that stat is sad. There’s no excuse to let yourself turn into a blob of grease and blubber just because moving a muscle isn’t in your job requirements. That’s just pathetic.

I work in the same situation as most Americans. I sit at a desk, in front of a computer, and there’s no description in my job requirements that ask me to lift any secondary muscles. But that isn’t making me obese, nor is it stopping me from being active for 8 hours of my day.

Every two hours or so, I get up, go to the restroom or head to the break room, then sneak off into my hiding spot and do stretches, then sets of push-ups and sit-ups. It adds up to a pretty good workout each day.

So what all the factory jobs are in China. That doesn’t mean we have to forget about our own health 40 hours throughout the week. Everyone should find time each day to be active, at least twenty minutes. Sheesh, are we that out of touch!?


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