White Girl Booty


When I was younger, and living in Houston, Texas, it never occurred to me that I was living in big booty heaven. It wasn’t until I moved away to Washington D.C. that I recognized a huge difference in the shape of Black women’s asses. Much to my surprise, I realized I was spoiled.

Now that I am older, I have a great appreciation for all types of women’s booties. Don’t get me wrong, a flat booty is a total waste, and I’d probably walk by and not give it a double take. But there are some less voluptuous shapes that a woman can have that are still highly acceptable.

We should all be familiar with the coke bottle, the apple bottom, and of course the onion. Respectively, those shapes are usually possessed by women of Black and Latin descent. That leaves a lot of races and ethnicities to wonder, “what’s my shape?”

Well, if you’re not under the category of nasatall (no ass at all), or you’re not an Asian woman, or even Guatemalan (never seen a Guatemalan fatty before), then you probably just have a white girl booty.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a white girl booty. It just means you have to look at other girl’s fat booties and simply admire, or go get butt injections. I’m not a fan of fake booties. But besides that, a white girl booty is actually attractive to most men, as long as it’s got shape and is no more than an inch close to being nasatall.

The picture above is a perfect example of some nice white girl booties.

Black women, Spanish woman, white women, all women alike should feel totally fine with a white girl booty. As long as you don’t have fat back, or muffin top, the shit looks sexy. Don’t alter it cosmetically, and stay in shape. You’ll do fine in some leggings, bikini, tight jeans, and all the clothes that bring out the best in your white girl booty.


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