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Groupon Going Public

Groupon Files for IPO


Groupon, the online discount scalper is headed to Wall St. The SEC announced today that the internet coupon company is going to IPO under the symbol GRPN. Groupon reeled in $644B in the first quarter of this year. That’s incredible for a company that opened up only three years ago in 2008.

This company is a sure winner. The coupon sites have been around for a while, but Groupon has managed to captivate the youth by integrating their product with social networking sites like Facebook, who’s also in line to IPO soon.

Google tried to buyout Groupon awhile ago, but got denied. There are obviously some really smart people in the financial department of this company. They see big potential, Google sees it, Wall St. sees it, and so do investors like me.

Penny Stock Watch


COOL: $3.01


LVLT: $2.29

They’re cheap and risky. But, with big risk, comes big rewards.