Damn, I’m An American

I watched the documentary Dirty Wars and it got me thinking that it really doesn’t matter what I believe, war is war and I’d rather win. Much respect to all the American armed forces. I’m firm in the fact I don’t completely support any political affiliation. I’m candid in saying I voted for Barack Obama because he’s black. I’m an American but all I really care about is my family, friends, and myself. I love America as long as it doesn’t become a war zone. I can’t think of anywhere else I’d wanna live though. I like not having to care about what other people have to care about everyday.

My resolution this year is to be more compassionate and I’m working on it. I’ve focused on the people I care about first. It’s working. The fact is, I don’t care about people I don’t know or their problems. That’s the cynicism in me and it’ll probably never fully go away. Maybe if I were an adult in the 1960s I’d be sympathetic to other people’s plight, but I’m an adult now and society now is retarded. Religions, political parties, charity groups, and all the good things people positively galvanize for seem to be full of idiots today. I’ve always resorted to believing in me when believing in external ideas seem to fail, because believing in me is always right. I don’t like the idea of throwing money at a social enigma. I’m also not interested in saving the world so that Xs out a lot of ideas.

My mom is a generous woman and she always tells me to give. I listen. The only problem is I’m careless with empathy. It’s really difficult to care when you see how stupidity greatly outweighs sensibility. My energy has more value to me than others in that. I’m selfless to those who are within arms length of me physically and emotionally. That’s how I choose to play life’s social network safely. I don’t believe anyone who considers me a friend would have reason to say anything other than I’m a good friend.

I work hard and strive to maintain a positive attitude about my life. My life specifically, because life itself is not always positive. My purpose in life isn’t to be rich. My goal in life isn’t to be rich. My purpose and goal is to be a great man to my family and friends. I’ve quested thus far to be a value in my industry profession, and to one day have ownership within it. That goal will come to pass. I find it difficult to define what it is I fear sometimes because fear has driven me to do great things before.

I need America to stay free, or as free as I’ve grown to believe it be. I have an American dream I’m living and I don’t want to wake up. There is a certain manifest destiny within every American. How can I not believe I was meant to be great? Look where I am. God forbid, but take it all away and give me nothing but a stick and a rock and watch me get to work. It’s the audaciousness of the American spirit that is unavoidably successful. I possess that, granted from the people who made me here. Again, I saw the documentary Dirty Wars and it made me think. If we’re at war, we better win.


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