I’m Not Wearing Vertical Striped Clothes


I used to have a few Ralph Lauren Polo vertical striped shirts, and might have some still hanging in the closet. I don’t be wearing them though. It could be because I wear T-shirts, jeans, and shorts to work daily. Still, I can’t see myself in vertical stripes anymore.

Especially if the shirt fits gay like this nigga’s.

Technically, short sleeve button-ups are pushing it by themselves… then add the vertical stripes.

It always looks like women borrowed their dad or older brother’s shirt when they rock vertical striped button-ups.

Not a good look. The mask doesn’t help either.

Old white dudes get a pass.

Young niggas do not get a pass.

This look makes perfect corny sense. This is what I’m trying to stay away from. He needs pockets, and a pocket protecter.

T-shirts should never have vertical stripes. Look how stupid this shirt looks. They thought it looked cool only in the front.

Never cool!


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