Preferably A Female Doctor


I don’t want no dude touching my you know what Let’s be real, who really ever wants a male as their primary doctor? I know some women who are even repulsed by the thought of a male doctor investigating down there. Women doctors are just the normal preference nowadays.

I know some of you losers will be quick to tag someone like me as a homophobe. Well, you’re wrong. I got mad gay coworkers, and that’s fine with me. The fact is, women doctors are just more comforting by nature. We all have mothers, and most of us go to her first when we need nurturing.

I’ve had to see a male doctor before, and I’d rather see a female doctor, plain and simple. Female doctors are usually more concerned with you as an individual, and you can actually sense it. Like any other dude at work, male doctors can sometimes view patients as a job. That’s not what anyone wants to feel like.

My personal health is very, very important to me, and I want my doctor to feel the same exact way about my health as well. And there’s always the chance that she’ll be really hot and sexy. That will definitely keep me coming back for routine checkups, maybe even every month.


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